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4. Sign and date Form 8879. Taxpayers must sign Form 8879 by handwritten signature or electronic signature if supported by computer software. Important Notes for EROs Don t send Form 8879 to the IRS unless requested to do so. Retain the completed Form 8879 for 3 years from the return due date or IRS received date whichever is later. If Form 9325 is used to provide the SID it is NOT required to be physically attached to Form 8879. However it must be kept in accordance with published retention...
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Who needs IRS Form 8879?

Starting from the 2017 taxpayers can e-file their Form IRS 1040 NR U.S. Nonresident  alien income tax return. To do it you should use an IRS Form 8879.

What is IRS Form 8879 Used For?

Form 8879 is the declaration document and signature authorization for an e-filed return filed by an electronic return originator (Hereinafter ERO). IRS Form 8879 should be completed when the Practitioner personal identification number (Hereinafter PIN) method is used or when the taxpayer authorizes the ERO to  insert or create the taxpayer’s PIN on their e-filed individual income tax return.

Is IRS Form 8879 Accompanied by Other Forms?

The IRS Form 8879 is not accompanied by other forms. It’s a self-contained paper. However you need this form to e-file your IRS Form  1040NR.

What Information should be Provided in IRS Form 8879?

While filling out IRS Form 8879 you should mention the following information:

  • Submission identification number

  • Taxpeyer’s name

  • Social security number

  • Spouse’s name

  • Spouse’s social security number

  • Tax return information

  • Taxpayer’s PIN

  • Spouse’s PIN

  • ERO’s PIN or EFIN

  • ERO’s signature

  • Date

Where do I Send IRS Form 8879?

This document should not be sent until it’s requested. After filling out this form you should keep it at least 3 years to confirm your e-file Signature.  Also every ERO needs in own confirmation document. For this reason IRS Form 8879 is used as well.  Whether you are asked to file this document you should keep a copy of it.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8879
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hello everybody this is Casey from 2290 tax and today Im doing part two of our two-part tutorial you can tell I like saying that about signature authorization this ones gonna focus on form 88-79 TX the reason were doing this tutorial is because we get so many questions from our paid preparers about who can sign the tax return who needs to sign a tax return and the bottom line is really that the taxpayer has to sign their own tax return theres only three conditions in which the IRS allows someone else to sign on the taxpayers behalf and theyre pretty dire one is disease or injury the second is if theyre continuously absent from the United States and the third is if specific permission is granted by the IRS otherwise if youre not fitting in to one of those three conditions the taxpayer always needs to review and sign their return so this video is gonna focus on Form 88-79 its gonna sound really similar to part one which was 84 53 so well just jump right into 88-79 you use this form when youre a paid preparer with a PTIN which is the preparer tax identification number and an efn which is the electronic filers identification number I have two youtube videos one each about the pizza and the Ethan so if you have questions about those be sure to check those out on our youtube page otherwise well just keep going this is what form 88-79 ex looks like again it has three parts Ill go over each of them in detail but just to give you the overview part one is the taxpayer information part two is where the taxpayer will sign and part three is where you the paid preparer will sign all right so here is a close-up of part one very similar to the 84 53 youre gonna enter the correct tax period whatever that may be youre gonna enter in the client name or the business name and the clients cin number and I get a lot of these that are coming through without the tax amount thats a really important part of this form you want to make sure that you put the tax amount on and then the last thing you need to do is check the box for the appropriate form for us most times its for 20 to 90 because thats what were here to do is 20 to 90 but you want to make sure you get the right one okay part to this part is different what we do and and just a reminder this is the tax payer declaration its the tax payer thats stating under penalty of perjury that theyve examined their return and that to the best of their knowledge and belief its true and correct and accurate so thats on them thats why they need to sign it and what we have our tax payers do is check this box and they fill in the business name and they fill in their own pin number and then they sign it down here with a date and and this allows us to see file for them and I want to stress that its a fax copy or already kind of copy is a perfectly acceptable way to get client signature I know these guys are on the road I know they just want you to handle it I know that its bother I know that its not a fun way to to do it but it is...